09 December 2008

The perfect companion to plan a wedding

Just the perfect companion when you are planning a wedding...........

Take notes, jot down ideas, diagrams, layout etc.

Even write a poem while you are waiting.


This beautiful and rugged notepad is yours when you make your bookings for wedding packages from today till end of March 2009.

Everyone gets one :D and you really deserve one , because wedding takes a lot of planning. Its very handy, fits into the smallest handbag too.

When you are working on paper, your ideas just flow. It just does NOT quite work out the same way with electronic gadgets.

You gotta try it !

07 November 2008

Sophia and Hung Hiang

I have not met a couple whose life is more God centered than these 2.

Every time we go out, we ( wedding photographers ) touch peoples' life with our work.
Occasionally they touch ours.Guys...........I am impressed. Hmmm....it does makes me ponder about my life.

Both of them have large extended family and large group of friends too.
I couldn't recall any couple who managed to fill the entire church for their wedding like Sophia and Hung Hiang . In fact, I noticed there were shortage of places to sit.

Maybe because they made special arrangement for me so that I can move around the church easily.
;D. Its the coolest thing. I feel sooooo special. I wish other couples would that too. Thanks guys.

Yes, I really enjoy church weddings. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I think I will start a series of photos just on church weddings !

Click here for their photo movie


02 November 2008

Final Cut

In the movie "Final Cut", Robin Williams was a cutter, a movie editor of sort.
He edits movies of peoples' lives. The movie was made with a special camera.
This camera was stored in a person's brain and records everything he does ( even those he doesn't want recorded ) from the first person perspective. YES, it's very cool.

As a cutter ( in the movie ) Robin uses a very special powerful computer made of wood.
Made out of wood....not of wood.

Anyway, it looks really cool. Even the keyboard is of royal oak material.
And, here..............we have ASUS ( commonly known as third party notebook maker, they make notebook for brands like DELL, HP, etc ) making a similar notebook.
Only this time, its real, not just in the movie.



23 October 2008

For the lady photographer

Nowadays everyone is trying to market to the ladies.See those mobile phones or laptop computer coming out in pink colours ?
They thought by simply adding pink, they will entice the ladies.

But this camera bag maker has gone one better, its designed like a ladies handbag.Absolutely wonderful.


09 October 2008

Anthea and YongKee

Theirs is a classic love story that feels like it just dropped out from the old chinese romance novels.
Anthea and Yongkee are cousins who used to play together as children.
As time goes by, they moved to different schools and their families moved out to different neighbourhood. So by and by, they drifted apart and soon there were exams to study and test to take, camps to go etc. There were boys activities and girls things to do, they no longer take interest in one another. They soon forgotten about each other.

Suddenly they were all grown up and became working adults.
One fine day, they met again at a relatives outing.
Yongkee could barely recognise how beautiful Anthea has grown up to be.
It was the discovery of his life !
Soon they were reunited and one thing lead to another..............and today, they became man and wife.












06 October 2008

October Pre-wedding promotion

I am running a promotion on Pre-wedding photography ( engagement photosession ) in the month of October.
Call it a kind of Octofest if you like but its for photography, no beer ;)

Valid for bookings made in the month of October 2008, you will get a free 12 x 18 inch Art Canvas Print with every booking.




Pre-wedding package includes:
3 hours of outdoor fun
Unlimited location
Printed Cover album 12x12 ( magazine stylebook, matt art paper )
40 pages
Personalised back and front cover with your images


02 October 2008

Introducing JP Chia Ti Yu

So often I meet bad Justice of Peace that I really wanted to run a blacklist of them.
Some were soooo bad that even the couple could not hear what he was saying. He was just mumbling to himself.....real crap.

Another JP was late, and he had the nerve to blame the bride for giving him bad directions. What? He couldn't read a map ? He was given the address months in advance.

Another JP was out right curt to the couple. Obviously just want to get the job done and be out of there. There was one who was fumbling and fumbling.............obviously did not familiarize himself before hand.

Good JP are truly an exception.
Here I like to introduce JP Chia Ti Yu.
He was not only punctual, he was in fact early.
He brief the couple and calm them down. He was steady and clear. His voice was loud enough to be heard at the back of the room. This is very important as the ceremony is not just for the couple but for all to witness.

What I like about JP Chia was that he gave a short little advice on family life to the couple.
He was so touching that the bride cried ;)

You can contact JP Chia at Chia_Ti_Yu@ite.edu.sg

30 September 2008

My inner Bride

For those of you who like to see how you see yourself
that is "your inner self"

Have a go at this site



28 September 2008

Owe Money Pay Money


Recently a couple of loan shark was in town for some financial discussion.
Loan shark are a type of financial institution that is unregulated much like some investment bankers.
If you owe them money, they will shout and scream.
And do a song and dance routine
to irritate you until you pay...........much like what this guy does
Owe money Pay money is their favourite slogan



Actually he is part of the Underground Hip Hop group from Hong Kong.
They were in town for the Singapore F1 party.
They performed at the MoS ( Ministry of Sound) but their vocals were completely
drowned out by MoS horrible bass heavy sound system.
There were no mids no highs, just bass...........much like in the movie "Earthquake".
"Sensurround" base that would shake your internal organs.

I can't make out a word they were singing much less what language they were singing.
Apparently they were singing in cantonese and some english.



26 September 2008


Do you know of any mobile out there that is BIGGER than this bad ass motorola Q9h phone ?


This has got to to be the mother of all mobile phones ( yes, in a way motorola is the mother of all mobile phones, they invented the thing .............see how the mighty has fallen )

25 September 2008

F1 Filipe Massa

Ok, this post is for all the F1 Fans out there.

Yes, Ferrari's number one F1 driver Filipe Massa.
( that's the guy in the middle , in case some of you might ask )
Filipe's wife is on the right.
Richard Mille is the watch maker

Filipe is rather humble and down to earth kind of guy, not your " I am the greatest driver on earth " cockiness that you would expect to find. ( F1 is the top of motorsports, there is no motorsport that is more high tech and more money than F1 )

The watch look rather nice in real life than how their web would show.
For one thing, its much bigger than expected.
What's the big deal about these watches ? you ask. Well, they are mechanical tourbillion watches.
Yes, that alone is a BIG DEAL.

Richard Mille really knows how to throw a party.
I enjoyed myself ,maybe more than I should ;D

24 September 2008

Fujifilm says it officially ” F31fd was our best camera”

In setting sight of a new goal,
Fujifilm confirms what a lot of camera fans out there already know:
That the best of Fujifilm digital camera was the old F3f1d ( a 6 megapixel camera ).
All cameras after that model was just to chase the megapixel race that
consumers mistakenly take as improvement.
F31fd is the gold standard by which all other camera / models are compared to'

23rd Sept 2008 ".........Photokina 2008: Fujifilm says its new Super CCD EXR technology
will allow its next generation of premium compacts to produce high-ISO
images "superior to the F31fd," while also offering improved dynamic range
in other shooting conditions. The technology is already fully developed and
will be integrated into the first camera in time for a spring 2009 launch."

23 September 2008

This absolutely inspires me

Yeah, I just love this video.

He is talking about Street photography but hey, that’s his game.

I can apply that to wedding photography and you could apply it to your work too.

( whatever job you might be doing )

Take inspiration from everywhere

and whenever you can.

22 September 2008

Olympus Micro 4/3 ( a very small camera )

Well, it has finally happened.

Olympus announced a new standard for interchangeable lens camera that is really small and compact.

This is the camera that is the digital equivalent to the Rangefinder camera Leica that is so famous.

All along the technology is available , just that manufacturers are stuck in the mind set that consumers would only want simple Point and shoot cameras.

This is the camera that a lot of photographers would LOVE to have with them on casual shoots or on their vacation. We don't want to be ALWAYS carrying big and bulky gear with us. Regardless how much we love photography.

Olympus and Panasonic are the first 2 companies that have now announced this new standard. I should think there are more to come. But I am just delighted with this model from Olympus.

This is just a Mock up of what is to come. There is no functional camera as yet.

19 September 2008

Lilian and Kostas

Here's another unique love story.

She is Singaporean.

He is Greek.

They met on a street in Beijing.

She was not looking for love.

She was out shopping.

He was not looking for love.

He was looking for a hotel and was lost.

He asked her for directions and the rest ..................is a LOVE story.

Goes to show, wherever you are, love will look for you.

Just keep an open mind. ;)






Interesting times ahead

This HTC company is really amazing. It is very aggressive in pricing and in coming out with new design that meets consumers expectation.


Here is their up and coming HTC Touch HD.

Can you tell which phone rival it is targetted ?

Best of all, HTC Touch HD can "cut and paste" and support SMS forwarding.

Can't say the same for iPhone 3G.

HTC Touch HD can easily delete files via Activesyn, buy software from any vendor you like.

Add new batteries midway when you have a busy day running down the batteries .

It wouldn't try to connect 3G download behind your back.

I am getting this phone ! Absolutely :)

17 September 2008

Recommended POINT and SHOOT camera

Every now and then, couples would ask me to recommend what camera to buy for their up and coming honeymoon.

So instead of answering them one by one, I would make recommendations here.

My all time favourite P&S ( point and shoot ) camera is the Fujifilm F11. But they don't make them any more. What's available now is the all new CANON G10.

Its 15megapixel ( who is counting ) and it has ........(drum rolls please )..........................

28mm wide angle and is Image stabilized.


When buying Point and Shoot camera, forget about the Megapixel. Because anything more than 5 megapixel is enough. So any camera out there now has enough megapixel. But pay attention to wide angle. 28mm is great but most are at 35mm and some at 38mm.

Don't let the salesman con you into thinking that telephoto is useful..........WOW it can zoom to 400mm , can see the cow across the field! But at such zoom, the image is usually unusable and you very seldom use it for vacation pictures.

What i really like about this camera is the size. Sometimes cameras can be TOO SMALL.

You can't quite get the grip on them. This one is just the right size. Can't tell you much else, ...well, Canon didn't send me a sample to test. ( hint hint )


this is REALLY cool

This couple sent me a card telling me "we have engaged you............."

hey, i like this couple already :)

Can't wait to meet them


15 September 2008

MeiiTew and Leslie

Well , a few words come to mind when describing this wedding:

Fun, unconventional, laughter, warm, cozy, great food, excellent weather, breezy, great friends, good music, casual, relaxed.

Basically just a great way to celebrate LOVE .


Click pic for a slideshow

10 September 2008

Wedding Preparations

Hi there, I am Tristine ( Tristine and Lionel ) and I have been invited to share my wedding preparations as a guest contributor.

I guess planning a wedding isn’t easy. It is an occasion where conflicts will definitely surface.

No matter what, mutual respect is important in the end of the day. Couples have to communicate and compromises will have to be made during this period.

For my wedding planning, I depended very much on the internet. I source most my stuffs through the Singapore Brides Forum. I got the wedding speech and itinerary from some of the brides and of course, only use them as reference. Planning the actual day itinerary itself made up the bulk of my preparations as I wanted to make sure that nothing goes wrong on that particular day. I met up with my brothers and sisters ( Groomsmen and bridesmaid ) a few times to go through the itinerary with them, amending various details whenever there is a need to.


Before I plan my itinerary, I had to decide what I am going to do on that day and how much time to cater to each. Always cater additional time for each event especially for the gate-crashing as you never know what the groom and his merrymen will have up their sleeves such as deliberately turning up late, hence timing plays a crucial role when come to my planning.

If a photosession is part of the itinerary, do let your photographer and videographer know in advance so that they can advise you where to go and whether time allows it or not. I am glad that Tommy has met up with us before our wedding to plan out the details and of course giving us advice on where to go after we told him our preferences.

Delegating roles according to each person's strength is important as I know that each individual can be trusted to get their jobs done. Since Rayson is always punctual, we delegated him as the time-keeper as to help keep track of the time according to our schedule. JJ and his wife, Erina were choosen to be our emcees of the night as they are both outspoken speakers. For Eric, he will liaise with our parents to make sure all the caterers were already at our places and assist Lionel accordingly. AMK who is jovial and responsible is choosen to be our coordinator. His responsibility is to ensure smooth running of the activities and arrangement. My sister accompanied me throughout the whole day, assisting me in changing of gowns and helping out at the reception table along with other bridesmaids (Jasmine and Jur).


One problem faced during our actual day is the timing for the bride to return home. I can only return home after 1pm hence Rayson had to help our videographer to bring the raw tape back to his home for editing so that the videographer was able to continue the shooting till the tea ceremony is over.

Although the actual day is rather packed, but with the help of the brothers and sisters, it makes our day a relaxed one. Even though there were last minute messages and calls from people who cannot make it to our dinner, Lionel and I need not worry as Joseph and Ivan helped us with the allocating of seats to ensure there is no empty seat in the table. We were glad that both of them made such good arrangement in the seatings.

Since the whole day event depends very much on the brother and sister gang so give them the authority to do the things and trust them as they will make your wedding a memorable one.

29 August 2008

Art Canvas Prints

Introducing Art Canvas Prints.

Yes I am now offering Art Canvas Prints to my clients who sign up Wedding day packages.

I am very excited about this product as I have been searching high and low for them and now,

finally I have found the right mix of material, printing and framing.

Canvas prints has been around and many bridal studio in Singapore offers them.


1) Resolution is not high enough, ie, you can't quite see details. Here I am able to find one that has very high resolution that can be equal to photographs.

2) Glossy coating that gives reflection. Here the art canvas has the quality that last and does not need that high gloss coating. Thre is no reflection at all. IT IS SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL.

3) Colour fastness was an issue with those old technology. My own wedding picture is now purple in color. ( I wan't in wedding back then ) These canvas prints were tested for colour fastness for 50 years ( accelerated UV test ). I MADE SURE that was the first criteria :)

4) Because there is no glass over the canvas prints, it must be able to withstanding cleaning. These canvas prints are suitable to be cleaned with a wet cloth.

See how beautiful these prints are ! Look at the extreme left picture and notice how there is absolutely no reflection.



28 August 2008


I have got to get me one of these :)

You can view pictures ( both jpeg and RAW format ). It does movie and mp3 and of course, store lots and lots of photos.

Comes handy as you can put it in a pouch, drop your CF memory in, transfer and then continue shooting more pictures or video.

It has the BEST LCD in the business. Nothing comes close



The low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) TFT LCD displays 16,770k colors (200 ppi), supports SD/CF (Type II) cards and is equipped with two USB 2.0 ports. Users will have to wait only for 1.5 seconds to see a 10 megapixel JPEG file on the screen. Epson claims it takes a little more than 2 minutes to read data from an SD card with 1 GB storage.

Using Epson’s proprietary Photo Fine Premia technology, the company says users will be able to view photos from an angle of 80 degrees from all sides. When fully charged, users can watch three hours of video in MPEG4 on the P7000.

Epson will start selling the P7000 and a model with a 80GB HDD (P6000) worldwide next month. In Japan, the P7000 will be priced at a whopping $730, while the P6000 will retail for $550.

23 August 2008

Canon EOS 50D

Canon EOS 50D specs is just leaked out by Canon China website.

Here's some of the more interesting specs ( it has a long list of improvements )

1) 15 Megapixel - Do we need any more megapixels ? This is more marketing hype than anything.

2) AF fine tuning - Yes, this is great, another top end feature at a middle range product.

3) ISO 100-12,800 - This is absolutely fantastic

4) 6.3 fps (high speed) 3fps (low speed) - Hey this is great but i don't really use it.Nice to know it is there when , if , I need it

5) 920,000 points VGA 3.0-inch LCD monitor - At last they are going to upgrade the LCD resolution. Last 2 camera from Canon, 30D and 40D has horrid LCD. Many people try to defend their purchase with ridiculous explanation, but here, Canon shows that it think otherwise.

6) 3 Type of RAW files. - this one I absolutely like: full RAW ( 15mpixel) , sRAW1( 7mpixel) which is most useful, sRAW1 (3.8mpixel).

Good move by Canon.

here's a picture of the camera
it look just like any other Canon camera....
or that other Canon cameras just look like one another.............


17 August 2008

080808 Carol and Sebastien

Carol and Sebastien picked this very special and easy to remember date for their wedding.
It was indeed a memorable time.
Carol is abit camera shy, but it doesn't show in the pictures at all.

Small and cozy wedding at the Marriott Grill Pool restaurant. It holds maximum of 60 guest.
Food is absolutely fabulous and service is outstanding ...........I know, because the couple invited me to dinner too. Thanks Carol and Sebastien. I really enjoyed your wedding.