07 November 2008

Sophia and Hung Hiang

I have not met a couple whose life is more God centered than these 2.

Every time we go out, we ( wedding photographers ) touch peoples' life with our work.
Occasionally they touch ours.Guys...........I am impressed. Hmmm....it does makes me ponder about my life.

Both of them have large extended family and large group of friends too.
I couldn't recall any couple who managed to fill the entire church for their wedding like Sophia and Hung Hiang . In fact, I noticed there were shortage of places to sit.

Maybe because they made special arrangement for me so that I can move around the church easily.
;D. Its the coolest thing. I feel sooooo special. I wish other couples would that too. Thanks guys.

Yes, I really enjoy church weddings. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I think I will start a series of photos just on church weddings !

Click here for their photo movie


02 November 2008

Final Cut

In the movie "Final Cut", Robin Williams was a cutter, a movie editor of sort.
He edits movies of peoples' lives. The movie was made with a special camera.
This camera was stored in a person's brain and records everything he does ( even those he doesn't want recorded ) from the first person perspective. YES, it's very cool.

As a cutter ( in the movie ) Robin uses a very special powerful computer made of wood.
Made out of wood....not of wood.

Anyway, it looks really cool. Even the keyboard is of royal oak material.
And, here..............we have ASUS ( commonly known as third party notebook maker, they make notebook for brands like DELL, HP, etc ) making a similar notebook.
Only this time, its real, not just in the movie.