18 March 2008

DVD photo movie

Introducing DVD photo movie.

There is a lot of confusion out there about what this is....so I decided to make things a little bit clearer.
Its a DVD made from Photos into a movie.

There.....I said it.
Some would use the term photo montage or photo collage but these simply means collection of photos .....which could mean a large print with lots of smaller picture.

Here's a sample of my DVD Photo movie.

Enjoy .....

Tristine DVD photo movie

12 March 2008

Website is Up

After a few frustrating minutes, which seems to be an eternity.......
the website is up and running again.

Thanks for your patience.
Any one who notice the site down and complaints first to me
will be entitled to 10% discount on whatever package you choose :D
( but not when I notice it first ) hehehehee


06 March 2008

tommyleong.com website is temporary down

Due to some technical hardware malfunctioning, tommyleong.com is temporarily down.
It is being serviced now and should be up in no time.
( that's what the technical people tell me )

Meantime, browse around for some interesting reads

Glorious Olympus E420

Glorious ! Absolutely glorious.....
I knew someone would respond to the market niche , a camera for the photographer to shoot on the weekend..........Before this annoucement by Olympus of this latest camera, most photographers who like a small camera for the weekend casual stroll are not given much choice.
You either go for the big SLR or you go for the small, frustratingly difficult to control Point and shoot cameras.

Today, Olympus announce the smallest DSLR with interchangeable lens that is JUST what we all want......just my size !

Olympus of old film days, used to be a leader but with digital they were behind some of the big names. BUT it seems like Olympus is making a big come back. They are now by far the MOST innovative camera maker.

Lets hope they keep it up.