15 September 2007

Sunset at Pasir ris

Remember I mentioned about mundane pictures from my life ...?
Well...here's one when I was walking home,

Decided to take an alternative route, one that I haven't taken before

............a route less traveled ?

well i guess we all ought to change our routine every now and then,

You will be surprised by what awaits you.....not just about taking a different route

but also perhaps taking a different approach to the people around us.

Do you know that the people around us changes when *we* change our attitudes towards them ?

Try it today

Sunset at Pasir ris 800, originally uploaded by tommyleong.

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14 September 2007

Excuse me, do you want a wedding cake?

what's the difference between a wedding cake and a normal cake ?
Watch this <>

Sometimes shopping for a wedding can really be a nightmare.................
Oh yes, tell us here about your wedding shopping nigthmares

13 September 2007


Here's some thing to think and ponder over........

George Odell tells us,
We need one another when we mourn and would be comforted.

We need one another when we are in trouble and afraid.

We need one another when we are in despair, in temptation,
and need to be recalled to our best selves again.

We need one another when we would accomplish some great
purpose, and cannot do it alone.

We need one another in the hour of success, when we look
for someone to share our triumphs.

We need one another in the hour of defeat, when with
encouragement we might endure, and stand again.

All our lives we are in need, and others are in need of us

03 September 2007

Wedding of Sanchia and Thomas

Yes this is ONE very romantic love story.

Sanchia was in Austria for work and was on a train to the countryside for a little R&R while Thomas ( an Austrian ) was on his way home.

As lady luck would have it, they bought tickets that have them sitting side by side in the train. It was a long ride, and after some attempts, Thomas finally got Sanchia talking.

Soon they were exchanging emails and the relationship bloomed with Skype. This relationship really benefited from modern technology.

Imagine a girl from Singapore , meeting a guy all the way to the other side of the world. All by coincidence !

Here's some pics from their cosy wedding in Singapore Marriott Hotel.

sanchia029, originally uploaded by tommyleong.


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