20 June 2008

SONY new flash : great out of box thinking

Here's an example why competition is great for the industry.
Sony's latest flash shows the way forward after decades of stagnation
in the camera industry.

This new Sony flash ( has a stupid name which I shall not mention here )
has the ability to turn the flash head ( not the flash ) sideways.
It is not just rotate to the side which is the norm, but it
actually turns to the side.......well, a picture tell a thousand word
See the pictures below:

Read more of it at Digital Camera Resource Page 's website

12 June 2008

Do we REALLY have to do this ?

Sometimes the pictures just convey the words
even though we can't say it

03 June 2008

Wedding of NoiHong and Daniel

I have decided to do things a little differently, instead of the usual pictures I thought I might try just posting a slideshow , DVD photo movie of the couple.

Do give me your feedback , especially if you have trouble watching a smooth movie.
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