23 October 2008

For the lady photographer

Nowadays everyone is trying to market to the ladies.See those mobile phones or laptop computer coming out in pink colours ?
They thought by simply adding pink, they will entice the ladies.

But this camera bag maker has gone one better, its designed like a ladies handbag.Absolutely wonderful.


09 October 2008

Anthea and YongKee

Theirs is a classic love story that feels like it just dropped out from the old chinese romance novels.
Anthea and Yongkee are cousins who used to play together as children.
As time goes by, they moved to different schools and their families moved out to different neighbourhood. So by and by, they drifted apart and soon there were exams to study and test to take, camps to go etc. There were boys activities and girls things to do, they no longer take interest in one another. They soon forgotten about each other.

Suddenly they were all grown up and became working adults.
One fine day, they met again at a relatives outing.
Yongkee could barely recognise how beautiful Anthea has grown up to be.
It was the discovery of his life !
Soon they were reunited and one thing lead to another..............and today, they became man and wife.












06 October 2008

October Pre-wedding promotion

I am running a promotion on Pre-wedding photography ( engagement photosession ) in the month of October.
Call it a kind of Octofest if you like but its for photography, no beer ;)

Valid for bookings made in the month of October 2008, you will get a free 12 x 18 inch Art Canvas Print with every booking.




Pre-wedding package includes:
3 hours of outdoor fun
Unlimited location
Printed Cover album 12x12 ( magazine stylebook, matt art paper )
40 pages
Personalised back and front cover with your images


02 October 2008

Introducing JP Chia Ti Yu

So often I meet bad Justice of Peace that I really wanted to run a blacklist of them.
Some were soooo bad that even the couple could not hear what he was saying. He was just mumbling to himself.....real crap.

Another JP was late, and he had the nerve to blame the bride for giving him bad directions. What? He couldn't read a map ? He was given the address months in advance.

Another JP was out right curt to the couple. Obviously just want to get the job done and be out of there. There was one who was fumbling and fumbling.............obviously did not familiarize himself before hand.

Good JP are truly an exception.
Here I like to introduce JP Chia Ti Yu.
He was not only punctual, he was in fact early.
He brief the couple and calm them down. He was steady and clear. His voice was loud enough to be heard at the back of the room. This is very important as the ceremony is not just for the couple but for all to witness.

What I like about JP Chia was that he gave a short little advice on family life to the couple.
He was so touching that the bride cried ;)

You can contact JP Chia at Chia_Ti_Yu@ite.edu.sg