29 August 2008

Art Canvas Prints

Introducing Art Canvas Prints.

Yes I am now offering Art Canvas Prints to my clients who sign up Wedding day packages.

I am very excited about this product as I have been searching high and low for them and now,

finally I have found the right mix of material, printing and framing.

Canvas prints has been around and many bridal studio in Singapore offers them.


1) Resolution is not high enough, ie, you can't quite see details. Here I am able to find one that has very high resolution that can be equal to photographs.

2) Glossy coating that gives reflection. Here the art canvas has the quality that last and does not need that high gloss coating. Thre is no reflection at all. IT IS SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL.

3) Colour fastness was an issue with those old technology. My own wedding picture is now purple in color. ( I wan't in wedding back then ) These canvas prints were tested for colour fastness for 50 years ( accelerated UV test ). I MADE SURE that was the first criteria :)

4) Because there is no glass over the canvas prints, it must be able to withstanding cleaning. These canvas prints are suitable to be cleaned with a wet cloth.

See how beautiful these prints are ! Look at the extreme left picture and notice how there is absolutely no reflection.



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