10 September 2008

Wedding Preparations

Hi there, I am Tristine ( Tristine and Lionel ) and I have been invited to share my wedding preparations as a guest contributor.

I guess planning a wedding isn’t easy. It is an occasion where conflicts will definitely surface.

No matter what, mutual respect is important in the end of the day. Couples have to communicate and compromises will have to be made during this period.

For my wedding planning, I depended very much on the internet. I source most my stuffs through the Singapore Brides Forum. I got the wedding speech and itinerary from some of the brides and of course, only use them as reference. Planning the actual day itinerary itself made up the bulk of my preparations as I wanted to make sure that nothing goes wrong on that particular day. I met up with my brothers and sisters ( Groomsmen and bridesmaid ) a few times to go through the itinerary with them, amending various details whenever there is a need to.


Before I plan my itinerary, I had to decide what I am going to do on that day and how much time to cater to each. Always cater additional time for each event especially for the gate-crashing as you never know what the groom and his merrymen will have up their sleeves such as deliberately turning up late, hence timing plays a crucial role when come to my planning.

If a photosession is part of the itinerary, do let your photographer and videographer know in advance so that they can advise you where to go and whether time allows it or not. I am glad that Tommy has met up with us before our wedding to plan out the details and of course giving us advice on where to go after we told him our preferences.

Delegating roles according to each person's strength is important as I know that each individual can be trusted to get their jobs done. Since Rayson is always punctual, we delegated him as the time-keeper as to help keep track of the time according to our schedule. JJ and his wife, Erina were choosen to be our emcees of the night as they are both outspoken speakers. For Eric, he will liaise with our parents to make sure all the caterers were already at our places and assist Lionel accordingly. AMK who is jovial and responsible is choosen to be our coordinator. His responsibility is to ensure smooth running of the activities and arrangement. My sister accompanied me throughout the whole day, assisting me in changing of gowns and helping out at the reception table along with other bridesmaids (Jasmine and Jur).


One problem faced during our actual day is the timing for the bride to return home. I can only return home after 1pm hence Rayson had to help our videographer to bring the raw tape back to his home for editing so that the videographer was able to continue the shooting till the tea ceremony is over.

Although the actual day is rather packed, but with the help of the brothers and sisters, it makes our day a relaxed one. Even though there were last minute messages and calls from people who cannot make it to our dinner, Lionel and I need not worry as Joseph and Ivan helped us with the allocating of seats to ensure there is no empty seat in the table. We were glad that both of them made such good arrangement in the seatings.

Since the whole day event depends very much on the brother and sister gang so give them the authority to do the things and trust them as they will make your wedding a memorable one.

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