24 September 2008

Fujifilm says it officially ” F31fd was our best camera”

In setting sight of a new goal,
Fujifilm confirms what a lot of camera fans out there already know:
That the best of Fujifilm digital camera was the old F3f1d ( a 6 megapixel camera ).
All cameras after that model was just to chase the megapixel race that
consumers mistakenly take as improvement.
F31fd is the gold standard by which all other camera / models are compared to'

23rd Sept 2008 ".........Photokina 2008: Fujifilm says its new Super CCD EXR technology
will allow its next generation of premium compacts to produce high-ISO
images "superior to the F31fd," while also offering improved dynamic range
in other shooting conditions. The technology is already fully developed and
will be integrated into the first camera in time for a spring 2009 launch."

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