25 September 2008

F1 Filipe Massa

Ok, this post is for all the F1 Fans out there.

Yes, Ferrari's number one F1 driver Filipe Massa.
( that's the guy in the middle , in case some of you might ask )
Filipe's wife is on the right.
Richard Mille is the watch maker

Filipe is rather humble and down to earth kind of guy, not your " I am the greatest driver on earth " cockiness that you would expect to find. ( F1 is the top of motorsports, there is no motorsport that is more high tech and more money than F1 )

The watch look rather nice in real life than how their web would show.
For one thing, its much bigger than expected.
What's the big deal about these watches ? you ask. Well, they are mechanical tourbillion watches.
Yes, that alone is a BIG DEAL.

Richard Mille really knows how to throw a party.
I enjoyed myself ,maybe more than I should ;D

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