23 August 2008

Canon EOS 50D

Canon EOS 50D specs is just leaked out by Canon China website.

Here's some of the more interesting specs ( it has a long list of improvements )

1) 15 Megapixel - Do we need any more megapixels ? This is more marketing hype than anything.

2) AF fine tuning - Yes, this is great, another top end feature at a middle range product.

3) ISO 100-12,800 - This is absolutely fantastic

4) 6.3 fps (high speed) 3fps (low speed) - Hey this is great but i don't really use it.Nice to know it is there when , if , I need it

5) 920,000 points VGA 3.0-inch LCD monitor - At last they are going to upgrade the LCD resolution. Last 2 camera from Canon, 30D and 40D has horrid LCD. Many people try to defend their purchase with ridiculous explanation, but here, Canon shows that it think otherwise.

6) 3 Type of RAW files. - this one I absolutely like: full RAW ( 15mpixel) , sRAW1( 7mpixel) which is most useful, sRAW1 (3.8mpixel).

Good move by Canon.

here's a picture of the camera
it look just like any other Canon camera....
or that other Canon cameras just look like one another.............


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