17 September 2008

Recommended POINT and SHOOT camera

Every now and then, couples would ask me to recommend what camera to buy for their up and coming honeymoon.

So instead of answering them one by one, I would make recommendations here.

My all time favourite P&S ( point and shoot ) camera is the Fujifilm F11. But they don't make them any more. What's available now is the all new CANON G10.

Its 15megapixel ( who is counting ) and it has ........(drum rolls please )..........................

28mm wide angle and is Image stabilized.


When buying Point and Shoot camera, forget about the Megapixel. Because anything more than 5 megapixel is enough. So any camera out there now has enough megapixel. But pay attention to wide angle. 28mm is great but most are at 35mm and some at 38mm.

Don't let the salesman con you into thinking that telephoto is useful..........WOW it can zoom to 400mm , can see the cow across the field! But at such zoom, the image is usually unusable and you very seldom use it for vacation pictures.

What i really like about this camera is the size. Sometimes cameras can be TOO SMALL.

You can't quite get the grip on them. This one is just the right size. Can't tell you much else, ...well, Canon didn't send me a sample to test. ( hint hint )


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