01 July 2008

Samsung Omnia the REAL iphone killer

Sometime ago I wrote about the HTC Touch Diamond as the iphone killer but now, it seems Samsung has the real killer at hand.
Its a killer because for everything that iPhone can do, the Samsung Omnia does ......and get this, its not locked to any telecom operator unlike the iPhone.
To me , that's one of the greatest incentive ( or disincentive ) not to get the iPhone.

Also, any software you buy for the iPhone, you can only do so at Apple ( something ).

Well, any case, OMNIA ( pronounced Ooom-neeeah ) sounds like some hokkian ( Chinese dialect ) phrase :D, has almost the same specs as the iPhone.
Its also incidentally 8GB or 16GB. The HTC Touch is only 4GB.
Omnia has 5Megapixel camera, iPhone has 2Megapixel . etc
Specs wise the Omnia leads in all department.

BUT for some, its not APPLE product....................
Have a look at this video, see how responsive the touch screen is
and the later video showing a direct comparision with the iPhone.
It seems to be the exact size ( almost )

I would like to add, personally I hate korean products

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