17 January 2008

Wedding of Amelia and Kevin

Amelia and Kevin had their christian ceremony done at The lady of Perpetual Succour, Siglap.

This is a very unique church layout.
It probably holds the record for being the church with the shortest aisle but the deepest wings. Both the left and right wing stretches deep maybe into 28 pews.
So from front to back , its maybe 10 pews. Its a short walk from the back to the front. Hence the march-in is rather brief.
With the additonal 2 chairs in the front, the bride could JUST squeence past......there is no room for the photographer to pass ...hehehee.

So to get from right to the left, I need to go to the side, go down, cross to the left then get to the front.
By which time, half of the action is done.

However, as you can see here. Its a very nice church for photography. Lots of potential for Pre-wedding. Just not so good for ceremonies.

Really enjoy shooting here. Hope to come back for Pre-wedding shoot here.

amelia_001, originally uploaded by tommyleong.

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