01 December 2007

I cry for Maserati

Yes, Please shed a tear for Maserati, the passing of a GREAT car maker ..
okay, not really a great car maker, maybe a great car designer.

Maserati was an independent Italian sports car maker which did terrific cars but things didn't quite work out for them , nor for the italian car industry. While their sports car were really sexy and drives like satan is chasing them, their quality wasn't what the consumers were prepared to tolerate.
Their prices and spare parts were notoriously expensive and almost impossible to get.
A wing mirror cost $3000 and takes 6 months by air ( your car sits in the garage waiting 6 months for a wing mirror ! )

Anyway, now the name Maserati is still alive but the new owners has changed everything.
This here is the latest MASERATI GRAND TOURISMO...........a car that is a blend of BMW mated a Toyota Celica...perhaps the build and quality has improved.....but the appeal was certainly been watered down.......almost like any other "me too" cars out there

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