15 November 2007

Wedding of Sherelyn and Desmond

Like I always say, every wedding is different …...this one sureee is different.
They opt to start later and zoom right into dinner with a short break in between. Many non typical things happened along the way.

First we were all locked out of the bride’s room ( including the bride ) with no key in sight, we were frantically searching for the keys and reaching the point of calling in the lock smith…...Good thing it turned out there was a spare key somewhere.

Then come the next exciting thing, when groom finally appeared, he wanted to kiss the bride with the veil still on (heheehehe ), next we had to rush back as we left something behind ( see pic of groom sprinting ) but it all came out well in the end…..just a lot more excitement than usual…............

sherelyn_0092, originally uploaded by tommyleong.

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