23 November 2007

Wedding of Oksana and Richard

This is a wonderful love story. I would never cease to be amazed by how this worked out.

Oksana is from Kazakhstan while Richard is Jamaican from United Kingdom. They met while working in Kazakhstan and live briefly in Teheran.Yes, TEHERAN, Iran ...They both speak English and Persian. Imagine that.....

Here are two people , totally apart culturally and background. Meet half way around the way.......fell in love .........in spite of language , culture, religion,food....all the things that could be different. ( while some of us can't get along with our neighbours )

They got married in Singapore since they have been posted here.

Here's some pictures of their wonderfully warm wedding, at Sentosa, Cafe del Mar.

Cafe del Mar is a nice place to chill out, but not so great for weddings.

Oksana is a beautiful bride.

oksana_5133, originally uploaded by tommyleong.

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