28 May 2006

Fujifilm F11 point and shoot camera

This is one amazing point and shoot camera i got for my wife.
Originally intended for just holiday pictures for her use is now becoming my favourite ( yikes ) camera to carry along everywhere I go.
Its fast start-up, quick focus and great shot-to-shot speed plus long battery life is simply irresistable. The camera is easily pocketable and has great image quality. The high ISO pictures are simply great.
Its very difficult to fault the camera and at such a great price (S$600 ), its just a great bargain.
One strange behaviour of the camera is to go high shutter speed in auto mode, but it does so in such a ridiculous way such as 450 f4 at iso 200 …..this could simply be done at lower ISO ie 80 or smaller aperture……..???

anycase , here a pic at ISO 400; notice the white hair guy

.100% crop of the same pic

Amazing shadow details at ISO 80

Observe the lady in black pants, see how the lines are visible in the shadows

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tommyleong said...

COME CLOSER for a detail look if you cant see any difference

come closer to your monitor